Why do we thrash the Earth and is there a way to stop us doing it?

As we come into the Halloween bank holiday weekend I am struck by the number of people struggling to find answers to why we are thrashing the Earth and all its plants and creatures when we know we are doing it.
I struggle with this too. I have been working on this for what seems like ages and I am brought back again and again to some core reasons. I’ve jotted them down below.
To begin with, there are too many seemingly unrelated things we do to the Earth like;
– logging
– seismic blasting
– killing elephants for ivory
– killing whales
– spraying toxic chemicals on our vegetables

The list goes on.

So at their core, what do they all have in common? For me there are 3 parts to it and also thankfully a Way Through.

1. Interconnectedness
Our choices and actions don’t relate to the scientific research that says emphatically that we live in a totally interconnected world. All systems are linked, the Earth acts as one system and so we need to incorporate this in any decisions we make.
(I have written more on this here: https://vincentmcmahon.com/the-earth-is-one/)

2. Scarcity and Lack
In the west we are disconnected from the land and in this way we do not FEEL nature’s overflowing abundance. I live in Southern Italy where the gardens are full of vegetables, the fields have olive trees, vines for grapes and wine and then in autumn there’s the chestnuts and walnuts. People preserve and conserve vegetables and meat so that they have enough all year round. In financial terms they might be classed as ‘poor’ but they are fully rich in the things that give life – great food, community, natural nature, connection to the land, clean water, clean air. It’s easy to feel the Earth’s abundance here and not be in a mindset of ‘scarcity and lack’. But this overflowing abundance exists all over the Earth, not just southern Italy. The Iroquois native American Indians lived in New York State for thousands of years with an abundance of wildlife and clear streams, including millions of bison which increased every year.
(I have written more on this here: https://vincentmcmahon.com/prosperity-or-filling-the-hole-inside-ourselves/)

3. Fear and Anxiety
There is a body of scientific research showing that in the west we are in a constant state of anxiety and fear. What the research says is that once in this state, we go into ‘self-preservation’ where we cannot show compassion for ourselves let alone others or the Earth. Companies and governments are quite happy for us to be in this state because yes – we consume and keep economies going.
It is also reported in scientific research that we will use our most basic reptilian brain when we are in this ‘self preservation’ state. Evolution gifted us with a pre-frontal cortex which allows us to do amazing things including altruism and creativity but the majority of the time in fear and anxiety our reptilian brain will lead the show and we will just get by and survive at a very low level.

Interestingly the research points to a central cause for our fear and anxiety and also some of our addictions – lack of nurturing during pregnancy or the first 18 months after birth. Now I’m not in any way suggesting that parents don’t do their very best at all times, what the research is saying is that in the west we don’t have the cultural support systems necessary to support nurturing at these vital times. Indigenous cultures (and I’m not romanticizing them, they had their problems too), had people, structures and methods in place to nurture the mother and child during this period. And so what the research is saying, is that without the appropriate nurturing which we do not get in the west, we stay in a state of anxiety and fear. All the statistics that we then see on global warming and the destruction of the Earth just add to this anxiety and fear – all completed by our reptilian brain.

And so what is the way through.

For me the key to the Way Through is through nurturing ourselves back to a state where we can feel compassion again for ourselves and then for others and nature which is US after all. Nature also holds the key. We know that a simple exercise can immediately help us feel nurtured.

Take a walk in nature. Look at a plant, examining all its delicate details.
Be aware of what you are feeling when you are examining the plant. Feeling is the important aspect.
At this moment all your body systems will come into coherence and balance. You will have moved out of the state of anxiety and fear. Like a muscle if you practice this a lot the feeling and sense of calm will get stronger. A simple exercise and free.

Next, while in nature and looking at plants in this way be open to sensing a rhythm in nature, a rhythm that comes from the Earth. Just be open to it. Whatever that rhythm feels like to you in that moment, sense it, feel it. Our body is now moving into coherence with the Earth.

But what difference can one person make I hear you say.

Well as we know everything is interconnected, then the more of us that practice exercises like this, the more coherence and calm will exist on the Earth. We will begin to feel the interconnectedness of everything, we will connect to the Earth and so begin to move away from scarcity and lack. And because of the coherent state we achieve, we are no longer in anxiety. We have the power to spread this nurturing which the Earth has always provided for us. Maybe starting a local community of like-minded souls to support each other doing this could be achieved also. And so it spreads.


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