Who are your Gods?

I’m reading a phenomenal book at the moment called ‘Iron John’ by Robert Bly. It has really gotten me thinking that as humans, how great can we be? Moore puts forward a fascinating theory about our mythologies. He suggests that over the years we have ‘collapsed’ our mythologies from the great Gods like Zeus and Aphrodite to our current situation where we have replaced them with ‘celebrities’ and footballers.

I’m from Ireland and in Irish lore we had major mythological figures such as Cú Chulainn and Fionn Mac Cumhaill. These were God like characters who informed our psyche through the stories that we told. These mythical figures allowed us to expand our psyches beyond the realms of being human. And in doing so provided a context for us to dream / live bigger and not play small.

Today, for me, it feels that our mythologies have indeed collapsed and have been replaced by Footballers and ‘Celebrities’. These are poor replacements as they are beset with human frailties the same as you and I. So my making footballers and celebrities (fellow humans) our gods there is no place for expansion within our psyches.

I feel in modern times we have moved very quickly to get rid of mythologies, seeing them as part of an ‘old world’ but we don’t really understand what position they have in our lives and psyches. Without an understanding of this we replace authentic mythologies with counterfeit ones such as footballers and celebrities.

There is nothing wrong with footballers and celebrities, they are simply human and can never give us the level of mythology that will cause us to rise up within ourselves to be greater than we are. We can only rise up to a percentage of the way to what the myth is inviting us to aspire to. If the myth is a footballer or celebrity and we can only rise up to a percentage of that, and that is not a very far distance to go.

This would not be a problem if it were not for the deep desire within us to have Gods to aspire to. This desire creates deep frustration when our counterfeit Gods are merely humans masquerading as Gods.

What could the solution be?

Thankfully there is help at hand. For me there is no going back to the old Gods such as Zeus, Hermes, and Apollo etc. We require something new. From my research, it seems that we are less God like in a mythological sense and more God like in Cosmic sense.

Wormholes have being discovered in every neuron in our brain which connects us to the Unified Field of Everything. The amazing work of cosmologist Brian Swimme is another example of our connection to the cosmos. According to Swimme when we eat fruit or vegetables the life force that we get from the food and which becomes our life force came from the sun. The energy that courses through our bodies is sun energy.

If we are linked to the cosmos and the energy of the sun is part of us, are we not then in essence the cosmos?

So what would happen if we honoured not in an arrogant way but in a respectful way that each of us is in fact the cosmos? Might we, instead of looking for false gods outside of ourselves in the form of celebrities and footballers take ownership of our own gifts and talents, our greatness? How would that be for a new expansive mythology?

Brian Swimme video – Being Present


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