What do Conor McGregor and Lady Diana have in common?

I’m captivated by the big rematch fight tonight in Las Vegas between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. Everyone loves a rematch. There is no UFC belt at stake tonight, just pride….and money obviously!

Reading the online comments, it’s clear to see that these two fighters bring up huge mythical conflicts within ourselves and these conflicts have a lot of energy and drama in them and that’s why we love them. Although there are subtleties, some of the main camps split up between:

– Those who feel Conor McGregor is just a mouth, a bragger, hasn’t put in the hard graft and doesn’t deserve to win.

– Those who love Nate Diaz and feel Diaz had fought lots of fights for small money and has worked and worked at the fight game over the years for no acclaim.

– Those that love the bravado of Conor McGregor and who up to his last fight with Diaz – backed up everything he said.

The truth is no one gets into the octagon without having put in the work. In fact some people who have done the work still can’t face being in the octagon so my hat goes off to anyone who gets in there.
So what’s going on inside each of us that these battles bring up so much emotion and feeling and conflict. Most people don’t really know the protagonists enough for there to be so much emotion involved so what’s going on. In my work with people it’s very obvious it’s Archetypes that are playing out. We all have Archetypal energies within us. Warrior, Lover, King, Queen, Joker, Hero/Heroin, Prince/Princess, Magician etc. In life we get to access these energies either within ourselves or outside ourselves in movies, books and drama. Here’s a tip, where there’s drama – there’s archetypes! All these archetypes have a light and dark side to them. For example, the warrior in the light side would be the Samurai, in the dark side it would be soldiers sent into battle with anger and undealt-with emotions (the majority of what we see played out in the world war stage today).

We get to use either the light or dark side of these archetype but the understanding of our inner landscape is a journey in itself. For a lot of people, the energies come up as conflicts within and there is no harmony in them. Although we like feeling the power and energy of the archetype but being honest we find it difficult to understand where all that energy comes from. When Lady Diana died, there were people in full sadness for hours and days who never knew her and probably hadn’t even cried for people close to them.

Lady Diana totally represented the ‘Princess’ archetype for us and never got to be Queen. We invest so much of ourselves in the myth of the fairy tale, and this one did not have a happy ending and for many people this is why they grieved. In an archetypal sense, we see part of ourselves in the person, we saw part of ourselves in Lady Diana, the part that is a Princess in the fairy tale.

So for us when it crashes in real life, we feel that part of ourselves has crashed inside also. If Conor McGregor was to lose tonight, how many of his fans would say they feel ‘gutted’ by the defeat. They don’t really know Conor McGregor, but inside themselves, something has been defeated also, their warrior archetype.
The archetypes are there for us to heal our inner conflicts and gain harmony inside ourselves. If you want to know what’s going on inside you, look around at your outside life, it is a perfect mirror. If you have conflicts going on in your life, they are based on conflicts inside.

This is what excites me about big fights like the one tonight. It puts me in touch with my own inner archetypes and allows me to bear witness to the battles playing out within myself.

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Conor McGregor photo : Youtube / UFC


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