We ARE the Garden of Eden

I took this photo beside the river where I walk the dogs some mornings. When I look at the blue green reflections on the crystal clear water I feel part of it, not separate from it.

I feel that when we see ourselves as separate from nature we believe that we can do whatever we want to her. She becomes an object for us to use as a resource.

We can also feel that we do not deserve to be part of this beauty because we have believed the old worn out ‘myth’ that we have somehow mysteriously fallen from the garden of Eden or that we have ‘sinned’ and don’t deserve to be in it. What a load of crap! You couldn’t write this ludicrous stuff if you were locked in a dark closet for six months, but somebody obviously did! And yet somehow at a deep psychological level we seem to have taken on this belief. Crazy and all as it is.

Scientific research now supports a different view. One where we have evolved as an intricate part of the Garden that sees no difference between us and it. If we drop below what we see with the naked eye to a quantum or a unified field level, we are just a sea of vibrating energy. That is how I feel as I walk along the river bank, part of interconnected tapestry of energy and of life. It feels the same as when I walked along river banks in Ireland years ago as a child. I didn’t feel one bit separate from all the dragonflies, butterflies, flowers and trees.

To see ourselves in our rightful place as a fundamental part of nature and totally deserving to be a part of it like all the other beings is a more supportive view. By feeling we are the Garden of Eden we honour the beauty and the love that we are part of and that is part of us.



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