We are 3 beliefs away from helping Ourselves and Climate Change

At some level we have split the world up into those that are worthy of the earths abundance and those that are not. In whatever form this rationalisation takes, religious , national , cultural, some people in our belief are not worthy of the abundance and others are.

In a maternity ward, when we look through the glass at the cots with all the tiny babies we automatically see them all as worthy. Why would they not be, they are all pure babies deserving of everything the world and the earth has to give. No matter what race, religion, gender, size or shape, they are all equally worthy. And yet you and I are those babies as are all peoples of the world. All are equally worthy. Nature doesn’t say some people are more worthy of oxygen than others. Nature doesn’t say only those who work really hard will get oxygen, nature is an equal opportunities employer! All are welcome.

When the 3 beliefs are added together our experience of the world is one of isolation from nature and each other, competitive, and one where we continually worry are we the worthy ones or could we drop from favour somehow.

As isolated individuals research has shown that we consume more of everything, including products and services. If we also feel life is about survival of the fittest we will consume more resources to climb on top of the hill and outdo the next guy or girl. Governments and companies will not go against our old beliefs but will actually support them, not in any conspiratorial way but just in a business as usual manner.

And so it is up to each of us to reframe or beliefs in line with the truth;

  • we are connected to nature
  • for life to be successful and sustainable it is all about cooperation and collaboration
  • Everyone is totally worthy of natures abundance

Taking these three beliefs forward its simple to see that life on Earth is in essence about connection, cooperation and sharing. With these new beliefs in mind all of our ‘well-being’s’ would be better including the Earth’s. Because these 3 beliefs are at the foundation of our daily experience of the world, reframing them we can take our foot off the pedal of consumerism, relax and share.

For me it has become a daily practice. When I feel myself straying back to the old beliefs (normally when life is tough and a struggle), I bring myself to an altogether feeling of connected to nature, cooperative in community and worthy. Beliefs that intuitively seem more true to me. Life then is better, easier, less stressful and my impact on the Earth is much less.


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