Custodianship Program

The Custodianship Program is for leaders, change-makers and CEO’s who are feeling overwhelmed and disengaged.  Work and life do not have to be this difficult and you don’t have to compromise your authentic self or your happiness to find success.

During this three step program, I guide you towards becoming a Custodian of Yourself.  We cover three fundamental steps to unlocking success and fulfillment on your terms:

  • Your Life – ‘Under the Bonnet’ (gaining Insight & Energy)
  • Radical Responsibility (taking life’s feedback as fuel for your own Custodianship)
  • Becoming a Custodian of Yourself

The Custodianship Program isn’t your normal business program.  You will dive deep into your inner self to find solutions that will stop you feeling frustrated and exhausted.  What eats up all the time and causes you stress. You will have a new found sense of your authentic self where you will have more time, more energy, get more done and feel fulfilled – and all this with ease.

Step One: Your Life – ‘Under the Bonnet’

You need 100% of your energy for your life and your purpose. Most of my clients, when they initially come to me, feel that they don’t have 100% of their energy and feel that they have been worn down over time.  We address this by getting under the bonnet of who you are and defining:

  • Your inner dynamics (roles, archetypes and inner dynamics).
  • Your patterns (good and bad).
  • Where you are leaking energy and how to regain it.

Simply put, we clear out your inner trash and get you energised.

Step Two: Radical Responsibility

With the Insight and Energy gained from step one, you are now more Response-Able.

To Respond we need to clear any inner doubts;

  • Have I got what it takes?
  • Am I good enough?

The purpose of this step in the program is to help you get really clear about who you actually are, the strengths you bring to your professional and personal life.  It is from this place of clarity and awareness of new choices that you can begin to lead and bring change – authentically.

Step Three: Being a Custodian of Yourself

We implement!

  • Identify your Custodianship Vision – for you work and personal life).
  • Action a structured implementation plan – a focus process to make success inevitable.

After completing the Custodianship Program

  • You will be a Custodian of Yourself.
  • You will have a newfound sense of clarity and understand how your sense of self directly affects your business and personal life.
  • You will have a lot less stress and a lot more energy.
  • You will have much more time available to you.
  • You will have a new personal vision.
  • You will have your own Custodianship map that is actionable, accountable and sets you up for early wins.
  • You will have undertaken a wonderful adventure of self-discovery understanding your life in a clearer way.

The Details

The Custodianship Program is three steps across a 12-session program, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.  We work together by phone, Skype or Zoom.

Alternatively, I offer in-person sessions in the Cilento region of Italy.

Taking the Next Step

If you’re ready to step into Being a Custodian of Yourself, contact me to arrange a Skype or Zoom call.

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