TV is a 2-dimensional experience – Nature is 11-Dimensions

TV and mobiles phones are a 2-Dimensional Experience (2D such as width & height only).
Nature is 11D!

The smells, the numinous qualities that inspired our creativity for millions of years (from cave painting up to today). Nature has unexpected surprises – the photo is of the gorge at the back of the house and every walk through it is different and magical. New things out and new smells. We can’t quite understand whats going on when we walk in nature. An oak tree has over 300 insects and algae on it so that’s a lot of life going on. And a whole oak forest…well! : )

Life for me is about the ‘Felt Experience’. Its how you feel and experience the world that matters. If you win the lotto and get the big house but sit there alone at night its worthless. If for me, you are in a connected supportive community you have a rich life experience. Whatever that full rich felt experience is for you. It could be cooking a meal from scratch & having friends over. Food, conversation, connection, …and always some surprises.
TV on the other hand is a totally packaged safe existence but totally flat (2D!) and so dull compared to nature.
How did we get sold on such a low level of life experience?

And to be honest I have watched TV, box sets etc. so I know the experience.
And some research:

” Researchers found that twenty years ago young people could distinguish between 360 different shadings of a single color category like red or blue. Today it’s down to about 130. That’s over a 2/3 loss of their ability to detect shadings of color.” As a result of our addiction to TV and mobile phones.
That’s quite mind blowing, yet what have we done with this research?

If you have children the interview with Joseph Chilton Pearse is hugely informational:…/articles_joseph_chilton_pearce.shtml

And try and get out in nature even for little moments, and breathe in its magic.


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