The Magic and Interrelatedness of Nature

Did you know that the dust from a dry lake in Northern Africa is blown across the Atlantic Ocean twice a year to the Amazon rain forest? And did you also know that this ‘dust’ made from fish bones and other organic matter is the perfect mix of nutrients needed by the Amazon Rainforest? Because even though the Amazon is lush it is nutrient poor due to the rain washing important nutrients out of the soil. The Amazon rainforest gets its fertiliser delivered to it from a dried lake bed in Northern Africa via the wind.

I recently watched a bee gather pollen from a damson flower in my garden. For this to happen the bee’s physiology has had to evolve so that it could fly in the air, breathe oxygen (which did not always exist in our atmosphere) and feed from the damson. The bee, the damson flower and the oxygen have all evolved together and form a web of inter-connectedness where they truly are brothers and sisters.

These are merely two examples of the magic and inter-connectedness of nature. In the course of this video Vincent will take you on a journey through various examples of the intricate relationships that exists in the natural world in which we live. Understanding this exquisite interconnectedness allows us embody a deeper visceral sense of how we are all indeed One and how simple choices we make in our daily lives can support this inter-relatedness and our sense of magic and belonging in the world.


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