The Earth is ONE

We live in an interconnected, interdependent world. The earth is a closed loop system, everything we touch, eat or consume etc. came from the earth and everything we dispose of will go back into the earth. Plants, insects, animals and humans are the links in the chain that make up this interconnected world and the actions of each effect the other.

Indigenous wisdom understood and worked in accordance with the principle that we are all one and this was the philosophy by which many people lived their lives until approximately the 6th century B.C and the emergence of a new philosophy of the Eleatic School which separate Mind from Matter and created a more dualistic (us and them) way of thinking. The Eleatic School gave rise to such greats as Pythagoras, Heraclitus, Socrates, Leucippus and Plato.

This new philosophy separated us (humans) from the world around us, because it believed that instead of being interconnected and interdependent the world was made up of separate and unrelated objects, so if I do something at Point A, it has no effect at Point B. Thankfully this concept has now run its course.

Scientists primarily in the field of Quantum Physics have proven what indigenous peoples have long known and that is that not only our Actions but that our Mind is connected to Matter.

Amazingly many of us use a technology based on the understanding that our mind is connected to matter everyday on our mobile phones!

Let me explain. Scientists have discovered the principle of the ‘Observer Effect’ which simply put means that humans have an effect on that which we observe. This was proven by Quantum Physics scientists in the now famous Double Slit experiment. The Double Slit experiment demonstrated that when particles were projected onto a surface through a double slit, they appear as waves on the projected surface when not looked at (unobserved) and as particles on the projected surface when looked at (observed). We effect the particles based on whether we look at them or not! If you brain is hurting check out this great video that explains the Double Slit Experiment.

I have lectured on the Double Slit Experiment and the feedback I often get is ‘well that’s all very interesting but what has that got to do with me?’ I’m glad you asked it’s a totally valid question; let’s go back to your mobile phone!

Technology has been developed as a result of the ‘observer effect’ that was discovered during the double slit experiments. WhatsApp the mobile phone messenger app uses a technology called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) as part of its data security. Data is encrypted and sent on one phone using a quantum key. If the data is observed (eaves-dropped on) as it transfers from one phone to another, then the quantum key will change and so the software will know that there has been a security breach. By someone simply observing the quantum key, it will change, the same way as the particles in the Double Slit experiment. Daily evidence is available via our mobile phones that we have an effect as observers. If we have the awareness that observing has the ability to effect what we are looking at, it suggests that the world is interconnected at a very deep level.

Observing is an action, and if the action of observing effects our world, would it not be prudent to consider how all our actions effect the world in which we live?

It is known that:
– Chemical sprays from Chinese farmers have arrived on the winds to North America.
– Chemical sprays on cotton fields in the southern states of America have been found in Salmon in Alaska.
– Millions of plastic fibres from synthetic clothes have travelled from washing machines into water systems and have been ingested by plankton in the sea.
– Caffeine, antibiotics and hormones from the contraceptive pill have made their way from toilets and sinks and been found in American drinking water systems and rivers. Water treatment plants do not filter for plastic micro fibers, medicines or caffeine.

Three years ago when I was in Vancouver Canada, people were worried about the effect of the nuclear disaster in Japan. I hadn’t made the geographical link that in fact Japan is not that far away from Canada, even though on the flat map on paper it seems thousands of miles away, it’s quite close, especially with prevailing wind currents!

So we have scientific evidence that the Earth is interconnected, we live in a closed loop system where each link in the chain can and does have an effect on the other. For me that is a powerful prompt to make conscious choices regarding what I purchase or what I dispose of.

One of my pet peevs is plastic containers. If for example you buy shampoo the container will be made of two different types of plastic; a softer plastic that contains the liquid and a harder plastic where the liquid is dispensed from. To be recycled these two plastics have to be separated. Invariably there are lots of different shaped plastic bottles with lots of different shaped plastic tops, the cost having a machines to separate the body of the bottle from the lid is often prohibitive so even if you put your shampoo or similar container in your recycle bin it will end up in landfill because it is not cost effective to separate them. If we respect that we are interconnected and interrelated, only shampoo that was environmentally friendly would be in the bottle and all bottles would be recyclable and biodegradable and preferably not even made of plastic which is extracted as oil from the earth.

We cannot rely on companies and politicians to have long term joined up interrelated thinking. It starts with us and it is easier than you think!

1. Awareness – First we have awareness that we are interconnected and interdependent.
2. Action – Then we take action accordingly, knowing that even the smallest action has a ripple effect.
3. Change – And then change happens.

We have come full circle. Science now supports what our indigenous ancestors knew all those years ago, that the Earth is One. And we as part of that One get to be part of a new paradigm where we can combine ancient wisdom and modern technologies to support all the links in the chain of life and create a whole new way of being in an interrelated and interdependent world.


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