Surf’s Up!

When I was in my mid 40’s and my brother Tony was over 50, I was driving along past a large convention centre in Dublin. There was a sign up outside for an over 50’s show at the convention centre with things like Bridge, Gardening, Chess etc. At the same moment my brother texted me and said he was in the west of Ireland, had picked up his wet suit and was ready to go surfing. The ocean off the coast of the west of Ireland is known internationally as a surfing destination. It struck me like a bolt of lightning! Was the ad outside the convention centre really trying to reach people the same age as my brother? My brother seemed so far removed from the profile on the advert.

Now that I’m in my 50’s I find no comparison between me and that advert either. How does that work? I have more friends, fun, great food and mad zany laughter in my life than I’ve ever had. And I’m supported by an adorable wife who keeps me in check but adds so much magic to my life also. This feels a far cry from the advert I saw.

How do I feel like I’m not even close to retirement from anything! There must be lots more men out there who feel the same. How can we share the zest and enthusiasm for life that we have …and all the wisdom, of all those years and experiences. That amount of mileage on the clock has given us deep wisdom which can be tapped into and shared. How do we do this?  How do we show up as the zesty wisdom keepers who stand their ground for who they are and what they know and feel?

This is why I have started this blog. It’s a place for men who like me and my brother still feel that the ‘Surf’s Up’. I hope for it to be space where you can hang out, be inspired and share your stories.

I want it to be a reminder that as men over 50 we have a whole lot more in the tank and we are not ready to give up on life for the foreseeable future. We also have a whole lot of wisdom and experience and I invite you to share that too!

I look forward to the next time we meet.




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