Simple Question – What is Grass?

Grass in Italian is l’erba which basically means herbs. This is because in Italy where I live the grass is herbs. Many different ones, mint, fennel, sage, oregano, camomile, horsehair etc.
This is a perfect mix for animals to eat and the cattle, goats and sheep in the mountains obtain their nourishment and medicine directly from it.

In western agriculture we take this bio-diverse herby grass and come up with a mono-culture single leaf variety that we feed to our animals. We even shout it out – our animals are ‘grass fed’ leaving out the fact that this grass is far from the medicinal nourishment that true l’erba grass provides for the animals but obviously for us when we eat them. The medicine transfers to us, it’s not rocket science.
The full diverse grass is also a solid resilient ecosystem. We know this because l’erba diverse grass been around for millions of years. The single leaf mono-culture variety on its own has not proven itself to be sustainable or resilient.

We want the evidence, we want the resilience. There it is in plain sight and yet corporations cre-ate grasses and GMO seeds for mono culture that are not medicinal and not resilient.
Interestingly as a footnote, if a GMO crop fails in the USA, no insurance company will cover it and so the farmer is left to pick up yet another bill.

So let’s get up to speed on what is proper ‘grass-fed’ and not be fed stupid headings that are without foundation. Our nutrition, our resilience and our planet needs us now to be more curi-ous about what we are told.


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