Oh to have a Leader with a Spinal Column

I watch the drama and flailing around of governments since Fidel Castro died, not knowing what to do or who to send to the funeral. Some governments even spending time criticising other politicians for looking to attend.
Whatever we say about Fidel Castro, he had a spinal column. We mightn’t like how he led or we might not have agreed with his approach but we cannot ignore the simple fact that he was a solid Leader. He stood up against a Goliath America for 60 years including when John F Kennedy tried to have him assassinated. When other leaders bent under the strain of American covert brutality, he stood his ground.

So when I look around the world what I see in abundance are Counterfeit Leaders. A dictionary definition of ‘counterfeit’ is ‘made in imitation so as to be passed off fraudulently or deceptively as genuine.’ It’s easy to look around the world and see examples. So called leaders who react and jump when something happens in the media and feel the need to people please by releasing statements through PR companies who tell them not only what to say but what colour tie to wear because they themselves have no idea.

We have world leaders today who say one thing and do another. Barack Obama with all the hope embedded in his inaugural speech increased the weaponry of the US more than previous republican presidents and was happy to send ‘weasel technologies’ (i.e. no face to warfare) like drones to kill thousands in the Middle East. And for what, to simply continue the ‘Regime Change’ in the Middle East that he would have criticised Bush for. Yet we’ve seen throughout history many American presidents involved in regime changing – Reagan brutally in El Salvador – as he said at the time about the factions he supported in El Salvador – ‘I told them to bury the bodies but they still left them in the ditches’. And yet like all counterfeit leaders, Reagan was happy to play the nice fatherly figure on TV.

Counterfeit Leaders again look like they are making progress but in the background, it’s all falling apart. So may world leaders signed the recent Paris Treaty in support of ‘action’ on Climate Change, whilst in the same month signing TIPP to give corporations ‘Unhindered Access’ to the Earth’s resources so that they continue the rape and pillage that they have been doing. The United Nations has said that based on the intensive farming methods currently used, we have 50 harvest left (50 years at one harvest per year). Yes only 50 harvest! If we had one harvest every day, we would have less than 2 months left. Counterfeit Leaders know this, they have reports and graphs that would make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and yet they do nothing. They don’t stand up to the corporations because in essence they have no spinal column. At some level inside us we know this when we hear them speak and we feel deep despair. We all want a leader, a true leader but what we see and get is a counterfeit.

And so in his passing, no matter what is said, let us hope Fidel Castro is not the last leader with a spinal column that the world sees. But more importantly let us remember that we can all be leaders in our own lives.
Whether or not you agree with Fidel’s philosophy he stood for what he believed. What do you believe in? Stand for that!

A separate United Nations Report says that Organic Agriculture is the only sustainable way to feed the world and ensure we see more than 50 harvests. Support your local organic farmers. Buy pears that are knobbly, potatoes of all shapes and sizes and carrots that aren’t all symmetrically shaped. This is how vegetables naturally grow or grow your own!

With all the things currently happening in our world it is so easy to succumb to despair, or we can use that despair to make step by step changes so we become the revolutionary in our own lives.


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