CUSTODIANS – The Solution for an Earth in Crisis: Science, Indigenous Wisdom, the Natural World and You.

Journey with Custodians from newly regenerated forests in Africa to the Highland tribes of West Papua. Discover nature’s system of carrying fertiliser from the Bodélé Depression in the Sahara Desert to the Amazon rainforest and marvel at the resilience and strength of nature as it returns to an abandoned coal mine in England after only 25-years.

The earth is in crisis. Custodians shares how science, indigenous wisdom and nature itself, provides us with a map for a better way of living for us and for our planet. The fabric of the universe is woven together with a connecting thread – we are all intricately entwined and connected. With conscious choices and actions, we can unlock our authentic desires and return to a wonder for the vitality of life. Unhappiness and emptiness can be transformed into worthiness and love.

Custodians is an invitation to become part of an interconnected world wide web of earth custodians. Providing a solution for an earth in crisis through Science, Indigenous Wisdom, the Natural World and You.

About the Author

Vincent McMahon is Co-founder of The Istituto dei Custodi dei Bio Nessi (The Institute of Custodians of BioConnections) in southern Italy. He has over 30 years business experience in health care, strategy and IT. And has lectured on Information Systems and Quantum Consciousness in Ireland, the UK, France and Australia. He is also an ambassador for the Winam Eragayam tribe of the West Papuan Highlands.

CUSTODIANS – DIGITAL and PRINT version available now!

CUSTODIANS:  Meditations and exercises from the book


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