New Book – Custodians – Available Now!

I’m am really excited that my book Custodians is out in the world. The message in Custodians is about the conversation we are not having, why we feel separate, isolated, anxious and why we consume at an ever increasing rate. Yes we really need to help the earth at this time but we do this in part by coming back into balance with ourselves. Science, Indigenous Wisdom and Nature herself, shows us that we live in an interconnected world. If we come back into balance, the earth will too. We are the earth and she is us, and when we become custodians of ourselves we also become custodians of the earth. The book provides the insight and exercises necessary for us to embrace our custodianship.

I am working with a small but very passionate independent publishing house here in Italy. As such they don’t have a big marketing budget, so I am leaning in to my friends and community to help get the message out. I would be really grateful if you could help.

What can you do to help?

Buy the book if the message resonates with, it is available in print form and on kindle.

Post a review on Amazon, it makes a huge difference with regard to Custodians being seen in the vastness of the world wide web.

Share the Amazon link with your friends and your community.

Let me know what kinds of custodianship is happening in your community, I would love to hear your stories.

In love, gratitude and custodianship,



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