M.E.N. – Men Evolving Now

M.E.N – Men Evolving Now


“I know what it is to seemingly have it all and yet feel a large gap inside. M.E.N. is a safe and supportive space that provides you with the tools to move beyond the gap.”


Men: Are the visionaries who hold the point of consciousness for themselves and society to expand and grow.


Evolving: We have lost our way.  Many of the empowerment traditions available to us at this time are feminine traditions.  And while they may assist us in opening our hearts, they often do not provide the clarity, sense of purpose and the direct action needed by the masculine psyche to evolve.  To evolve we must source from the Sacred Masculine which dwells within each and every one of us.


Now: Is the time to source from both our masculine power centers (our balls) and our heart, so that we can live expansive and fulfilling lives.  This also allows us to stand up, be the change and not wait for the change to happen.



Men Evolving Now is a road map to Know Yourself – Be Yourself and stand as the Authentic Masculine in the world living from your Heart and Soul.


The M.E.N. Charter

  • Is a call to action to expand and extend into your masculine self.
  • Provides the opportunity to tap into the masculine pulse.
  • Helps define what it is to be ‘masculine’ in our modern world.
  • Provides a space for men to speak their truth.
  • Provides a space for men to be listened to in a non judgemental environment.
  • To hold and support other men in their continual evolvement.
  • Provide training to live consciously, be conscious and have conscious relationships.
  • Respect & honour each other.
  • Respect & honour the feminine.
  • Respect & honour the wildness, strength and courage of the masculine.
  • Nurture heart centred connection.
  • Facilitate a bonded community.

My Pedigree

  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • BA Degree in Economics & Geography
  • Author of Quantum Consciousness module for Paramount College, Perth, Western Australia
  • Initiated into Heart Centred Consciousness by Peruvian Mystic Don Americo Yabar
  • Graduate of the School of Awakening, Soul Mate Training Program
  • Graduate of the Field Centre, Consciousness Facilitator Program
  • Graduate of the Psychology of Vision, Steps to Leadership Training Program
  • Graduate of the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, Shamanic Practitioner Training Program
  • I’m a husband, a dad, a brother and a son
  • 54 years of being a Man


Walking my Talk
I lived in a great house on 2.5 acres of land in an idyllic part of Ireland with a lovely wife and two gorgeous kids.  I also ran my own consulting business. To the outside world I had the perfect life.  Internally my marriage was flat lining, I was disconnected from my kids, and my work was a chaotic mess.  There was a huge gap in my life which I realise now was because I was disconnected from myself and therefore could not connect properly with anyone else.


After a doctor telling me that I had depression and that if I didn’t change something I was going to have to go on medication, I embarked on a journey to find myself.  That was over 15 years ago.


I have traveled around the world in the process of trying to reconnect with myself.  I have studied with shamans, psychologists, healers and MMA fighters, all of them outstanding in their field.  And bit by bit I found myself and my manhood.


I know that not everyone has the time or the money to trek across Mongolia, hang out with a mystic in the mountains of Peru or spend time in the highlands of West Papua with a tribe, where in some of the villages I was the first white man they had ever seen.
When I started this journey I had no map, but after 15 years I have a map and a set of practical tools that I now share with other men so that you don’t have to feel lost, alone or emasculated.


It is time to stand shoulder to shoulder as men, and know in our Hearts and Souls who we are so that we can live a full and authentic life.  I look forward  to sharing this journey with you.


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