Maturity and Infantile Leadership (in Men)

There is so much written about the importance of initiation for men to so that they can transition from Adolescence to Adulthood and Maturity, and yet in the West we haven’t built in any true Initiation process for this Maturity to happen.

So what we get as a result is an abundance of ‘adolescent’ males in senior political and corporate positions who haven’t had the benefit of the transition to adulthood. This seems crazy to say, they seem like grown men to many but they act like adolescents; from Donald Trump to Boris Johnson to Bill Gates.
The effect these ‘adolescents’ have on our social, political, economic systems and on the Earth is devastating.

In my own life because there was no formal initiation ritual, my initiation didn’t come until my mid-forties. Western society seems to think that men get initiated through having children or college prom nights. This is not the case. There are specific ingredients needed for the ritual to be effective and potent.

How do you know the difference in behaviour between adolescent men and mature adult men?

It’s pretty straightforward. Adolescent men will do whatever they can, just because they can, whereas mature men will do what’s Appropriate in a given situation. This makes a huge difference in our society and to our Earth.

Adolescent men will carve up the environment just because, like adolescents, they can. Mature men will look at what’s appropriate and engage all parties represented in coming to a ‘what’s an appropriate’ way through.

Adolescent men are highly if not always reactive. You can see this all over our political landscape with politicians reacting immediately to something that is said in the media. Mature men Act from their centre, from their core knowing that they have what it takes as a man to hold their position, not needing to react and then regret it later.

Adolescent men work ‘A’ to ‘B’ in a linear fashion. Mature men realise the Interconnectedness of things and this informs their choices and actions.

Supporting men from Adolescence to Maturity through authentic initiation rituals would have far reaching beneficial impacts on so many aspects of our lives as individuals, as communities as countries and as inhabitants of our earth.


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