Charles Massy

Charles Massy is a farmer in New South Wales, Australia. Charles rethought his whole foundation of how he farmed after several years of drought. He researched best natural techniques and discovered the organic methods of regenerative agriculture would best suit the dry, nutrient poor, fire-prone land he farmed on.     He went back to…

  • Charles Massy
  • Monaro region, New South Wales, Australia

David Milarch

“Twenty some years ago David Milarch hovered above the bed, looking down at his motionless body. Years of alcoholism had booted him out of his life. An inexplicable cosmic commandment would return him to it. His improbable charge? To clone the world’s champion trees – the giants that had survived millennia and would be unvanquished by…

  • David Milarch
  • 16884 Front St., Copemish, MI 49625, America

Jadav Payeng

Could planting trees save the world’s largest river island? A man has made it his life’s mission to help save the world’s largest river island, Majuli, from erosion by planting trees. Over several decades Jadav Payeng, known as the Forest Man of India, has turned a barren area into a forest larger than New York’s…

  • Aruna Chapori Village, Majuli district, Assam, India

Robin Wall Kimmerer

Dr. Kimmerer is a mother, plant ecologist, writer and SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, New York. She serves as the founding Director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment whose mission is to create programs which draw on the wisdom of both indigenous…

  • Robin Wall Kimmerer
  • 351 Illick Hall, 1 Forestry Dr., Syracuse, New York, 13210, America

Tony Rinaudo (FMNR)

In 1983, a young Aussie was driving down a dirt track in Niger when he stopped to change a flat tyre. Tony Rinaudo had spent two years introducing sustainable agricultural practices to farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, a region plagued by drought and famine. He tried to plant trees in the arid farmland, but they kept…

  • Tony Rinaudo
  • 1 Vision Drive, East Burwood, Victoria, 3151, Australia