Charles Massy

Charles Massy is a farmer in New South Wales, Australia. Charles rethought his whole foundation of how he farmed after several years of drought. He researched best natural techniques and discovered the organic methods of regenerative agriculture would best suit the dry, nutrient poor, fire-prone land he farmed on.     He went back to…

  • Charles Massy
  • Monaro region, New South Wales, Australia

Hansjörg Wyss

Text from an article Hansjörg Wyss wrote for The Guardian Newspaper and get across his passion.  Ref: There is no better place from which to take measure of our wild planet and to draw hope from humanity than the summit of a mountain. It was the view from Pikes Peak, after all, that inspired Katharine Lee…

Peter Smith

Peter Smith, founder & Director of the Wildwood Trust, has been a leading proponent of rewilding since the start of his career over 20 years ago. Peter has been at the forefront of efforts to reintroduce animals such as the beaver, wild horses, lynx and wolves for ecological restoration. Peter is an ecologist who’s original…

  • Peter Smith
  • Herne Common, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 7LQ, England

Tom Waldo

“When we first started this, it never crossed my mind we would still be litigating the rule 16 years later.” Tom Waldo

  • Tom Waldo
  • 50 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, California, CA 94111, America