Charles Massy is a farmer in New South Wales, Australia. Charles rethought his whole foundation of how he farmed after several years of drought. He researched best natural techniques and discovered the organic methods of regenerative agriculture would best suit the dry, nutrient poor, fire-prone land he farmed on.



He went back to college and obtained a Phd in Ecology. While farming he got up early for eight years and wrote a phenomenal manifesto for a new way of farming called 'Call of the Reed Warbler'. Full of stories and vast amounts of scientific research the book tells of what we do to the land with what Charles calls our 'mechanical mind' and charts a new way to farm in harmony and balance with nature.









Further articles on Charles Massy can be found at the links below and also an interview with him also. Grounded in the realities of farming in Australia's harsh climate, Charles is a true Custodian of the Earth both in his approach and in his message.




  • Charles Massy
  • Monaro region, New South Wales, Australia