It’s all ONE

Interesting to be writing and posting this blog today as England separates and leave the EU.
Separation or feeling ONE has such a big place in our psyche, it’s no wonder it causes so much drama in situations like this.

We didn’t always feel separate from everything and in fact there are places in the world where people still feel connected to everything. At a point in our recent history we separated our mind from the ‘matter’ around us. In this separated state we have felt alone, isolated and disconnected from the world around us.

Science has now emphatically reversed this separation with its recent research but it seems it takes a while for us to get this message. John Hagelin, a quantum physicist, tells us that in every neuron in our brain there is a wormhole linking us to the Unified Field which is the fundamental basis of everything. Hagelin says it is not a concept, the science is solid and in fact our consciousness can now be mapped directly to the Unified Field of everything. Hearing this it’s illogical to feel separate in any way from anything around us.
It means we are connected to the rainforest, the ‘migrants’, the EU, whomever we feel we might be separate from, we are in fact totally connected to.

We want the science, but in some cases when we hear it, we run in the opposite direction because it conflicts with our beliefs. Our choices, actions and vision of a future world must reflect the science that says ‘It is All One.’ We can’t just put this science on a book shelf under the fiction section and not implement it.

Separation no matter how we frame it, Brexit or whatever, is not supported by the underlying interconnected, interdependent fact that ‘It is all ONE.’

The sooner we get over the now old-school idea of separation the better for everyone. It doesn’t serve us anymore.
It is all ONE. It’s time to move on.


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