Introducing Earth Custodian – Tom Waldo

Tom Waldo, an American attorney, has worked tirelessly for over 16 years to uphold the Roadless Rule. The Roadless Rule is a law that prevents roads from being developed through wild areas thus preserving the habitat and wildlife corridors.

Tom has worked through the courts, state by state, one case at a time, to uphold the Roadless Rule. In one latest ruling in the state of Alaska he gained protections for 50 million acres of wild lands.

To work in many US states year after year to get this law upheld for nature is to me absolutely incredible. As Tom himself says “when we first started this, it never crossed my mind we would be still litigating the rule 16 years later.”

Keeping the roadless areas intact, means the wild areas are free from new roads being built which would also be used for logging.

Tom is an attorney with EarthJustice who work across many areas in the US protecting nature through the law and the courts. (

“You see what has been lost – and you realise the importance of protecting the remaining areas.” – Tom Waldo

Check out the video below:


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