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Peter Mather’s image of caribou running though the water jumped off the page at me. He seemed to capture the essence of the caribou and I got a chance to feel it just by looking at his photo. Amazing. When I read more about Peter I really got a sense that here was someone who has a really deep connection with nature. In an article with Peter (link below) he said “the caribou just hold something in your imagination.”

Amazing Wildlife Project
Peter wants to get the story of what is happening in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) across to the public so he started the ‘Caribou Commons Project’. What is special for me about what Peter is doing here, is he is bringing writers, storytellers, photographers and filmmakers to the refuge to experience it first hand. A Guardian newspaper article said this Arctic Refuge is home to “polar bears, Arctic fox, musk oxen and migratory ground-nesting birds that come there every summer, some species from as far away as Patagonia.”

Peter’s goal is to reach 20 million people. Its quite an endeavour for a single photographer to do. And the Refuge is under threat. Oil and gas exploration have been given the go ahead to drill in this area. In the same Guardian article Alaskan Republican senator “Lisa Murkowski believes this refuge – 80 miles east of Prudhoe Bay – could generate $1bn over 10 years once it’s opened to oil leasing.” This would be an absolute tragedy for the wildlife and for the environment.

Peter also hasn’t gone to big media companies about this, he is, on his own, getting freelancers to put together the story. This is another reason why it’s important that the message of the work he does gets spread far and wide.

You can read more about Peter and the Caribou Commons Project on

Read about Peter and see his photos as part of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative on

Or visit Peter’s website to see other great images and read the stories behind them on


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