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If the life you are living isn’t working why not use a new map – LifeMAP

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]I created a Map and process called LifeMAP because I had gone by all the signposts society had told me to follow and I ended up lost, feeling empty inside.  How could I have got it wrong. Most of the way we live was put together by advertisers in America in the 1960’s and 70’s.  How to live, what to buy, it was all envisaged then but by advertisers who unstable in themselves.  The ‘maps’ they created were not ones we should follow, we should know the provenance of any map we follow as our lives depend on it. In my life I had been trying to fit in, to get the girl, to get the job, to be successful and to do all the things that I had been told were really important to do. All the things that were going to make me a happy man. Despite getting everything, I felt like I had nothing, and I was lost and disconnected and didn’t know what to do.

Spoiler alert!! Everything changed because I learned one very simple home truth. I was living someone else’s life. I was living the life that society and the media was telling me that I should live.

I was over consuming, over working, over extending myself to be the ‘good’ husband, dad, provider, citizen because that is what I had been told to do. And so it all crashed. I got lost in it all and suffered from depression. I forgot what gave me joy? What made me smile? How did I like to relax? What work did I want to do? So I did some crazy stuff; I went on vision quests, spent time with a mystic in Peru, and had a complete breakdown while staying with a tribe in the West Papuan Highlands. Then I got it:

Here’s the kicker, happiness and fulfilment, it’s an INSIDE job!!!

What is going on inside you will be reflected in the outside world.  As the age old phrase says “As Within, So Without”.  My inside world (what was going on inside me) was being reflected in my outside world to the letter and I needed to change it.  I had been trying to change my outside world but it wasn’t happening.  There was no choice. But as there was no Map for this, I needed to create one.  And so began the long journey of books, workshops, travelling to all corners of the world to see how people lived.  During this time I created LifeMAP.  From that point on I road-tested it, changed it, road-tested it again.  Constantly changing it based on feedback in my life and also from clients I began to bring through the process. At this point, I can safely say LifeMAP is the reason I live in Southern Italy with all areas of my life in balance; Health, Wealth, Relationships and Life Purpose. It is a solid process that I can rely on.  Life is always going to throw things at you but with LifeMAP I know I can deal with anything that comes.  The LifeMAP process will take the issue and help to bring me to the next level in my life. See the ‘Work with Me’’ page if you would like to learn more about it.[/text_block]

  • LifeMAP takes away the distraction and drama in your life creating space for you to be YOU.
  • LifeMAP ‘Core Essence’ session will tell you not only who you are but the facets that make you up also.
  • LifeMAP process works on all 4 staging areas of your life; Health, Wealth, Relationships, Life Purpose.
  • LifeMAP – you get to work with the creator of the Map and learn directly from Vincent’s life wisdom.
  • LifeMAP – you get to have your own personal Map so that you can live your life the way you want, as YOU.

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