Dredging Florida Coral Reef – Enough is Enough

There is a point when we must say enough is enough. Things that seem totally incredible to see happening in 2016, are being put forward by Neanderthal thinking.
There are plans to dredge the Florida Coral reef for what is in essence a few extra dollars. When you make it all about the money our Earth becomes a grey place without colour. The coral reef will be gone, the money will be spent and we will have nothing.
The Caribbean, including Florida, has been stripped of about 80% of its coral since the 1970’s. That’s 80% in 40 years. No human in full command of their conscious awareness could do this and feel fully what they are doing.
For me we become pathological in our actions when we cannot feel the results of our actions. We cannot feel the results of the dredging or the devastation to the creatures and beings that are there.
I hold the line for Love & Beauty on this Earth and I feel it’s important to also show the contrast. When Love & Beauty is not happening.
No politician or corporation can take away our Power of Intention. We can Intend a Better World and know that Love and Beauty is not only possible but available to us.


Ref: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/mar/24/florida-coral-reef-new-port-philippe-cousteau-fort-lauderdale


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