Don’t just think outside the box, LIVE outside the box!

I’ve found its the little things that push me to feel the edge of my box and not big things. When I try new things that are not my normal experience, in some way I feel I’ve expanded.

I’m in Perth, Western Australia at the moment and spotted this Squashed Frog smoothie.  The fact that its raw and organic didn’t really make it anymore appetizing.  Also it’s Australia so its quite likely that it is an actual frog blended down.

It just reminded me of always judging the edges of my experience to not be constrained by anything that would feel like I am constrained by a box. I used to think it would be large things like bungee jumping but actually its the small experiences that I get to expand slowly outside my normal patterns and experience a richer life.

I always hear about ‘thinking outside the box’ but to me a richer life involves living outside the box.


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