As Custodians we’re all given the Keys to the Earth

Each of us has a key.

When I was getting help from an editor with my book, after going though my notes, she suggested the title for the book should be Custodians. Although the word Custodians was there in my notes, in my handwriting, I had never looked it up, or got a definition of what it meant. I had always felt intuitively I knew what it was. However I was surprised when online definitions gave an example of a custodian of a school, including the school grounds. Like a groundsman, but looking after the buildings also, the whole property of the school. The definition talked about caring, maintaining and protecting all aspects of the property so that the students could enjoy it to the full. It also meant leaving the property in as good a state or better for the next custodian.

It made me reflect on how we as humans are a similar type of custodian with respect to the earth.

Like all custodians we are first called to understand the nature of what we have in our custodianship. Thankfully science and technology give us more and more examples of the beauty and majesty of what is in our care. Documentaries such Blue Planet II show us the incredible diversity and colour we have all inherited as Custodians. There are many more resources online now to cherish all aspects of this magical Earth.

Documentaries and science also show us how much everything is interconnected. Technology has shown us that the Earth is like a small house, in which all the rooms are connected. Like any small house, what happens in one room affects another room, and sometime the entire house. Examples in our Earth house are;

– Plastics have been found in the Arctic seas that came from Europe
– Pesticides used on farms in China have been discovered in America
– We all know of products we buy in Europe and America that have been mined or caused deforestation in Africa or South America.

The Earth is a very small interconnected house indeed. In an interconnected house each person’s behaviour has an effect on the house and the others in it. We can forget how big an effect each of us has. Our behaviour and our choices have profound ripple-on effects. The school custodian is in charge of all aspects of the property. We are in charge of all aspects of our behaviour and choices. What we buy, what we share, what we give, what we take , all affect the Earth House.

How we use the custodian key we were given is up to each of us. Like the school custodian keeps in mind his responsibility of caring, maintaining and protecting the property in his charge. Passing this beautiful Earth on to future custodians will be a joy knowing we have respected the custodian key we were given.



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