Are we for the Birds?

I really like the phrase, for those of you who haven’t heard it before it’s a nice way of saying ‘are we crazy?’
The research says that if I am feeling anxiety or fear I cannot feel compassion for myself or for others. Simple.
What do I feel as I read the media, look at TV and listen to politicians – anxiety and fear.

What can I not feel for myself? – compassion.

What can I not feel for others? – compassion.

And so the current environment not only goes on but spirals and deepens and we all wonder why. There is no chance of pulling out of this if we make choices to listen to media or politicians touting anxiety and fear as that only deepens where we are. I expect more from our leaders than keeping us in anxiety and fear but I don’t get anything else. Let’s keep whole countries at a security alert status of ‘Red/High Alert’. How much fear and anxiety can we instil in people? And then we wonder why a seemingly quiet guy drives a truck up a street full of people.

It is totally irresponsible behaviour from the media to show images over and over again, knowing that it deepens our level of fear and anxiety – while giving no balance or alternative. To be informed is to see something once, not over and over again with the same images. And yet we support this by watching. At no previous time in history could these images be spread so far and wide like they are now in news media and social media.

What is the alternative?

The alternative is to bring people out of anxiety and fear. Show them that the world is safe and we live at the safest time in history according to the science research (see previous blog: Once we feel safe, we can begin to have compassion for ourselves and others.
As humans we have lots of feelings inside to choose from. Anxiety and Fear are at the lower end of the spectrum. Compassion and Love at the higher end. All of these feelings are a choice. I totally believe that. We choose to look at TV rather than do a meditation on Compassion and Love.
In the days we live in we must ask ourselves why we make the choices we do. In our choices, we either support the media and the politicians in leading us, as they are, further into anxiety and fear OR we support ourselves and others by choosing Compassion and Love beginning with ourselves and then when feeling safe, moving out to others.
If we don’t make the choice for Compassion and Love I feel we really are for the birds.


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