Amazing positive news for nature lovers!

Nature has been amazingly abundant in the past and so it comes back into abundance really quickly. This is the evidence. The only way I can understand this is that this abundance exists still in the ‘Resonant Field’ and so returns much much faster than if you were having to start again.

A restored derelict coalmine in Leicestershire , England was replanted over 25 years with trees, just trees, but what returned out of seemingly nowhere – buzzards and red kites, skylarks, butterflies, otters, bats and owls. The people just planted the trees (a lot of trees) but all the rest of the creatures were already in the resonant field and so reappeared once they were given a chance. Amazingly positive.

There is another forestry project in England that was looking to replant fields that had been cleared of conifer plantations. As the project team were deciding what to replant with, the old forest had started to regrow back into the fields from the hedgerows, where it had lain silently waiting yet again, for a chance to return. These old ecosystems, created over millions of years, are so strong and resilient, they bounce back very quickly.

So what is a resonant field? In simple terms when we look at what we describe as the ‘fields’ of medicine or in science, the ‘fields’ of biology or physics we could say that these are resonant fields. When people start studying in these ‘fields’ they are drawing on a huge reservoir of previous work done and knowledge already gained in all the aspects that ‘resonate’ with that particular field of endeavour. This is why new discoveries are made now which deepen already opened areas, no one is starting from scratch but drawing from a deep well of resonance that already exists in that field.

So how does this apply in nature? Well, apart from the examples above, we previously have had huge abundance in the seas. We had many more whales than exists today, and all the abundance that so many whales bring such as increases in plankton due to whale pooh (yes they are called poonami’s!) and also increased abundance on the sea floor, as these creatures die and their huge carcasses provide rich nutrients for may sea creatures. So all this abundance has already existed on the Earth. We had evolved to that level of abundance. We don’t have to start from scratch again, simply tap into that Resonant Field of abundance. When corridors are left between areas of the ocean, population numbers spring back up more than the scale of what has been created. Like the derelict coalmine, we give it some help, allowing areas a healing breath so that they can come back.

Where I live in the Cilento in Southern Italy, 40 years ago the land was heavily cultivated. Then the economy in the South went into a deep recession and people left to go to Germany, Switzerland and South America to get work. In those 40 years, the land was allowed return and so now there is a lot of forested areas and the butterflies, birds, insects, trees, flowers including many rare orchids and herbs are all in full abundance. In fact this year a Museum was opened in the mountains above where I live to celebrate nature and technology and to provide a shop front for what is the optimal location in Europe for medicinal herbs. All this has returned when nature was left to have a healing breath and the resonant field of abundance that was already here returned.

With all that is going on around the world including the daily statistics of destruction and devastation it feels so good to allow myself to rest for awhile in the knowledge that the Earth is really OK and that all it needs is a short break and the abundance returns. The examples are there as evidence and there seems no other way to explain the quickness of return that we are seeing than the eagerly awaiting resonant field of abundance that was built up over millions of years.


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