All Perspectives are Valid

It’s timely with the US Elections about to be voted on, and all the tensions that they have produced both within and without the US, that we look at a way of being in the world that is our next stage of evolution.
The US elections have simply raised into sharp relief how we split the world into two opposites, Republicans/Democrats or Hillary/Trump. We do this in so many other aspects black/white, catholic/muslim, men/women, gay/straight, the list goes on.

When we do this splitting into two opposites, or sides, we then feel totally justified to proceed to compare, judge, say which is right/wrong good/bad etc. with the requisite justifications.
Sorry to say this but the research shows this is Old School. Yes, an old school way of thinking. It might be seen all over the world, in the media, on TV shows, places where we work or places that we socialise, but it doesn’t make any difference, it’s an old way of thinking and viewing the world and it doesn’t serve us anymore.

So what’s the new way?

A way that doesn’t take sides. A way that sees all perspectives as valid. A way that honours the interconnectedness of everything and that all the stakeholders have a valid perspective. Even if we do not agree with another perspective, it is still as valid as our perspective. It is a truly holistic way of thinking and one that we need to move to as soon as we can.

Please note, accepting someone’s or some group’s perspective as valid does not in any way suggest that you accept their behaviour as valid. It’s important to separate the two. In other words, everyone is allowed have a different perspective but that does not mean their behaviour is valid. What dangerously happens around the world is that people are treated differently not for their behaviour, but just because they have a different perspective than us or than another group. This is very dangerous and this way of thinking is no longer tenable if we are to move to a more evolved civilisation.

Some research has been completed on this and Spiral Dynamics has a colour coded map of the different stages in consciousness we have evolved from. Ken Wilber, an American writer on transpersonal psychology, again has more details based on the Spiral Dynamics model.

It is at times like the US Elections that for me, we should bear Spiral Dynamic models and research in mind. When we are putting one against the other, even in situations like Standing Rock, it is important to remember that all parties involved, have valid perspectives. When we don’t think like this and one wins and the other loses, we are not in a balanced, harmonious place as a result.

ALL stakeholders perspectives need to be seen and honoured as valid for a balanced long term solution to be achieved in any situation.


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