About Vincent McMahon
I mentor courageous men and women to be Custodians.  Custodians of themselves. When you become a Custodian of Yourself, the rest follows. This has been my journey and this is what I love to share.

I work with business leaders, changemakers, CEOs and politicians who are passionate about being catalysts for change.

Early on in my business career, I realised that who we are as people affects how we do business.  And how we do business affects our staff, our families, our health and the earth.

My MBA gave me more information about how to do business and implement KPIs, balanced scorecards etc. but it didn’t teach me anything about how to BE in business so I followed an unorthodox course of study.

Rainforest LessonsI stayed with a tribe in the highland rainforest of West Papua and I studied with a mystic in Peru. I sat with Buddhist monks in a monastery in Mongolia and I listened in awe to a quantum physicist describing the Universe in terms similar to the shamans I had met.

I learnt many amazing things but the life lesson I kept coming back to was that it’s all connected.

How you feel about yourself affects how you run your business, treat your staff, your colleagues and your family.  It also affects your consumption and expenditure patterns, and how you feel about and treat the earth.

Change starts with you. Be a Custodian of Yourself first, the rest will follow.


Shamans say if we change our inner world, our outer world will also change.

Many of us do this in reverse.

We try to change our careers, businesses, and relationships in the hope that we will feel better, be more successful, be less stressed etc.  It doesn’t work this way, we have it the wrong way around. It’s a well-worn cliché but success really is an inside job.

But first you have to want to change.

Then you have to be willing to look at the core issue that needs changing.

I have a big heart but I also deliver a no-nonsense approach to getting you back in alignment with your authenticity and vision.  This is where my superpowers come in:

  • I identify the Custodian dynamics for yourself and / or your company.
  • I guide you to the inner work necessary for you to be a Custodian of Yourself, in your own life and work.
  • I make practical planning and implementation of Custodianship in your life and work simple and intuitive.

Find out about my Custodianship Program.

Behind the Scenes

Vincent delivering a workshop.

Qualifications, experience and all that good stuff.

Over 30 years business experience in health care, strategy and IT.

Co-founder of The Istituto dei Custodi dei Bio Nessi (The Institute of Custodians of BioConnections) to preserve and protect the integrity of the connections between nature, people and food in the Cilento area of southern Italy.

Author of Custodians: Science, Indigenous Wisdom, and the Natural World Provide the Solution for a World in Crisis.

Author and lecturer of Quantum Consciousness for the degree program at Paramount College, Australia.

Lecturer on the Masters program for the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

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