For Leaders, Changemakers and CEO’s: Be a Custodian of Yourself

Vincent McMahon

On the outside, it seems like you have it all – the career, the house, the car, the holidays abroad each year – but inside, you feel empty.

If you are feeling any of the following, the chances are you are not a Custodian of Yourself:

  • Stress
  • Overwhelm
  • Lack of work/life balance
  • Lack of time for your purpose

Your life feels fragmented and you never feel you bring your ‘whole’ self out into the world.

The Custodianship Program is for you. It’s a one-to-one bespoke program I do with clients so you are assured of focus and accountability.


I had reached a point where I could use some structured guidance in my leadership style and giving clarity to my vision for the community.  I needed to have greater clarity on how I could break down my vision in the clouds into little steps that did not seem so daunting to myself or those with whom I shared it.

Vincent’s no-nonsense, but compassionate, approach to self-discovery and problem-solving was intriguing and refreshing.   It really helped me to find some equilibrium when I encountered the stormy seas of politics.  The program exceeded my expectations: a nice balance of heart and mind.  I’d recommend it without hesitation

Z.Rawlings,  Member of Parliament, Ghana


Stopped in my tracks

Years ago I was stopped in my tracks when a psychologist told me that as humans, we are only 10% conscious, which means we are 90% unconscious. As a consultant I knew if I didn’t look ‘under the bonnet’ at the 90% I would not understand what drives my decisions and also if I wanted to have impact in my work or in my personal life, the 90% was crucial.  I set about understanding the ‘under the bonnet’ landscape and created techniques that helped me access it and use it for my benefit. My life changed totally.   understood why things happened the way they did. I could read the dynamics at play in work and at home. Rather than be blown around by everyday events I began to be able to steer my own ship, over time I became a Custodian of Myself.  The stress went down, I had more time and my work life balance changed so that I could get my own life purpose back on track.

The techniques and the landscape is what I share with clients in the one-to-one Custodianship Program.

I work with Changemakers – people have a full spectrum of colours to bring to the world  – people, like you, who have busted a gut to get to where they are only to find themselves drowning in a corporate stream of quality tick boxes, stakeholder meetings, and social responsibility without feeling they are actually making any meaningful change personally or professionally.

Authentic Next-Paradigm leaders are waking up to the fact that we have a very short time to make radical changes to protect our earth for our children.

You know there’s a better way:  a way where you live and work in balance with nature while being true to yourself.

And you know, the change starts with you.

This is what I do.

As a business consultant,  I live interconnections. I went to the rainforest and everything changed. I saw logging in the highlands of West Papua for products for someone in Ireland or England. I saw how it ruins their way of life to satisfy our way of life.

I felt the interconnections first hand.

Since then, I see the interconnectedness everywhere. I can see how everyone is impacted by the choices and actions we make in an interconnected world.  You can’t be the best leader you can be if you are fragmented and disconnected from yourself, nor if you are disconnected from nature.

Take the first step to that better way:  Visionary Leadership.

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