Flipping your perspective about who you truly are and giving you the tools and support to get you there!

Your work life, home life, health, wealth, relationships, life purpose – is all interconnected. But it’s very straightforward, once you know the map that your life is based on. You are in the middle of the map. You have the power to change how you experience your life and because it’s all interconnected, you see amazing changes very quickly!

Since I was a child, I have seen the world differently. But then I was sent to school and college where I was ‘educated’ to think like the status quo. After 20 years of implementing strategic and linear business systems I went and sat with Shamans and Mystics. They taught me that life is not linear. That, in fact, we live in a multi-dimensional interconnected world. And so now after many years of training with them I help people live their truth in an interconnected world.  

We are not taught in school or college the map that our life is based on or to see the interconnections.  This is part of what I give you as a client, an understanding of where you are in your life journey and a way to navigate it in your own unique Truth. Everything changes, once you become aligned to your own Truth and live it every day. You will experience beneficial changes of living in the center of an interconnected world.

What my clients say……

“I have worked with Vincent many times over 20 years and not only have I found him to be solid and resourceful colleague, he also brings deep insights into organisations and how they behave. He is forthright, intuitive, well researched and very confident. His natural instinct is to draw discussion in a non-confrontational way and to search endlessly for solutions. He is strategic without losing focus on the operational. A pleasure to have around.”

John Malone, CFO North America Aryzta

“I had reached a point where I needed some structured guidance in my leadership style and clarity for my vision for the community. I also needed to have greater clarity on how I could break down my vision in the clouds into little steps that did not seem so daunting to myself or those with whom I shared it.

Vincent’s no-nonsense, but compassionate, approach to self-discovery and problem-solving was intriguing and refreshing.   It really helped me to find some equilibrium when I encountered the stormy seas of politics.  Working with Vincent exceeded my expectations: a nice balance of heart and mind.  I’d recommend him without hesitation.”

Dr. Zanetor Rawlings,  Member of Parliament, Ghana

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